App Guide: Recipes

Your smartphone is amazing. If you bought in the last two years it’s mind-blowing. Today, buying a new phone is all about the apps – those teensy icons you have organized on screen after screen. It seems there’s nothing they can’t do, whether it’s help you bake your ideal chocolate chip cookie or whip up an appetizer using whatever’s in your fridge. These picks come straight out of the new issue of get-gadget‘s annual App Guide, a compendium of more than 400 tools (on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) for everything from photo sharing and games to weight loss and exercise — which, by the way, will come in handy after using these cooking apps.

AllrecipesDinner Spinner Pro

Need ideas for dinner? Start up the Dinner Spinner, give your phone a shake, and voilà— ideas! If you’re settled on a main ingredient or short on time, manually adjust the spinner to combine dishes, ingredients and prep time to produce your desired recipe. Or input keywords to find specific recipes.

get-gadget Can scan barcodes to search by ingredient. Lets you filter by dietary restriction.

TIRED Spinner requires network connection. Not all combinations produce results.

$0.99 iOS | $2.99 Android | Dinner Spinner Pro

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