ARM will enable Smart Watch to work by 60% longer

British chipmaker ARM Holdings announced the acquisition of two companies – Sunrise Micro Devices (SMD) and Wicentric. Their technology will form the basis of a new portfolio of Cordio, centered around a low-power wireless communication for power-hungry devices such as smart watches.

In particular, SMD owns intellectual property that allows radio module Bluetooth (with a supply voltage less than 1 V) to work much longer on battery power or collected energy. Wicentric, in turn, developed stack and profiles Bluetooth Smart, which helps to reduce power consumption even more.

In ARM promised that the new radio system Cordio, created on the basis of SMD technology and Wicentric, can extend the “life” of devices by 60%, including “smart” watches and other electronics to wear.

“The voltage below 1 volt allows a radio module to pull energy from the battery a little bit, which greatly extends the battery life – said in a press release, – In addition, it makes it easier to work without a battery, using technology of collecting energy.”

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