Flagships of Apple, HTC and Samsung have experienced under pressure

Many of us remember how much fuss was about “flexible” iPhone 6 Plus. In the Square Trade decided to carry out an experiment to compare which bends stronger – new Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 Plus or also just introduced HTC One M9.

For the study specialists decided to use a special press. It was run twice – first investigated how much pressure is required to telephone to bend, but continue to work. Then – how much you need to press that it broke.

The worst results showed HTC One M9. It can withstand a force of 54 pounds. Once the phone was bent visually the lock button which is located just at the bend was out of order. After that all attempts to unlock the device has failed.

In second place was taken by Galaxy S6. Telephone bent with the force pushing 49 pounds. It also had a cracked glass. Despite the fact that the gadget uses Gorilla Glass 4, the shape of the display is such that it makes the phone very vulnerable. However, even after a crack of the screen, the device retained full functionality. To brake the phone down it took 67 pounds of pressure.

Surprisingly, iPhone 6 Plus showed the best results. As Galaxy S6 this telephone bent at a pressure of 49 kilograms. However, the display was not cracked and broken, all the components remained fully operational. To be broken the product of Apple has taken 81 pounds pressure.

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