Infinite USB: an “infinite” connector to USB Type-C

The campaign to raise funds for the production of InfiniteUSB was launched on the platform Kickstarter. It is an “infinite” universal connector for port USB Type-C, which also serves as a charging, data transfer and peripheral connectivity. New products will be compatible with devices having such a connector – for example, with a laptop Apple MacBook or Chromebook Pixel 2015.

12-inch “MacBook”, recall, has only one interface of Type-C, which allows you to connect only one gadget immediately. InfiniteUSB, which is provided with USB Type-C not only at the output but also the input, solves this problem by enabling to connect any number of single port devices, with each other, successively.

Thus, the user always has one port free, to which he can connect a device or another InfiniteUSB. A plug Lightning, microUSB, or USB-in can be at the other end of the accessory – its bright coloring indicates the type of wire.

70As a pre-order on Kickstarter one “infinite” connector will cost about 10-20 dollars. Deliveries willstart in June. One of the main disadvantages of InfiniteUSB is the lack of charger module: you can’t, for example, charge the new “MacBook” when it is connected to another device or accessory with USB 3.0. This will require a reversible connector USB-C with HDMI-input, USB 3.0 port and the power port which in the online Apple store costs $ 79.

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