Pancake printer has collected nearly $ 400,000 on Kickstarter

Print three-dimensional model from a special plastic are interesting, but tasteless. Now imagine that on the output of 3D-printers there are pancakes. Gadget Pancake Bot, funding for the production of which is collected on Kickstarter, will cost just $ 149 and decorates any Shrove Tuesday.

Apparatus for printing pancakes was created by Miguel Valenzuela a few years ago for his three year old daughter, then he gathered the gadget form Lego cubes. However, in 2015, the inventor decided to turn the toy into a commercial product – and did not lost.


Opening the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, Valenzuela expected to gather for the production of “pancake printer” about 50,000 dollars, but at the time of this writing platform users have already donated nearly $ 400 000. According to pre-order the gadget can be bought for as low as $ 149. Until the end of the campaign there are still 3 days.

In fact, the device is very simple. It is a heated panel with frying pan with non-stick coating installed at it. A special syringe with dough on rails which moves is located above it. Pattern which will be implemented into a pancake, you can upload from your computer. A special editor for Mac and Windows, which you can draw a picture, is available.

The image is applied on two axes – X and Y. However, the final result (pancake) is certainly a three-dimensional object.

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