Review: 5.11 Tactical Light for Life Pro Flashlight

Until now, the only choices for powering pro-grade flashlights were costly, landfill-clogging disposable batteries or rechargeable hunks of nickel or lithium compounds that have to be replaced every few hundred charges. The 5.11 shrugs off the yoke of battery dependence and instead uses ultracapacitor technology to propel photons.

The coal-gray high-impact polymer body houses three LEDs capable of blasting out a peak 270 lumens for 15 minutes, or a more useful and long-lasting 90 lumens for 60 minutes. Both settings have an emergency low-power 25-lumen mode (equivalent in brightness to most common household D-cell flashlights) for an additional 60 minutes.

By using electrostatic rather than chemical storage, this torch can recharge fully in only 90 seconds. Sure beats the three to four hours required by a rechargeable.

And the best part is, it will last for 50,000 re-charge cycles (that’s once a day for 130 years). You’ll never need to buy another flashlight in your lifetime, at least until they can keep your head alive in a jar.

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