Review: Acer P244W Monitor

Desktop LCDs and televisions are quickly becoming synonymous. The catalyst? Increasingly larger screens, higher resolutions, and faster response times for starters. Of course, there’s the influence of plain old marketing voodoo as well.

Acer tried this when it announced its ground breaking, high-def, 16:9 aspect ratio display. Now that we’ve got our grubby mitts on the 24-inch P244W, we’re not sure what the fuss was about. In its defense, the P244W delivers everything Acer promised: a fast, glossy, 1080p picture. Goodies like touch sensitive menu controls and sleek looks also help the P244W, but its bland feature set and limited capabilities proved damning. In fact, even some of the no-brainer fundamentals were fumbled. Between this unit’s non-adjustable bezel, lack of USB ports, and limited inputs, we’re not sure what Acer was thinking. In fact, we’re kind of wondering what they were smoking.

Luckily, all that talk about picture quality rings true. Clean visuals were the norm thanks to the speedy response time, and 1920 x 1080 native (and maximum) resolution. This meant sharp images while watching Blu-rays, minimal motion blurring during frantic console gaming, and passable colors for everything else. Eh…in all honesty, we’re on the fence about the colors. Most images were surprisingly dark on the P244W, and tweaking the settings only made some colors darker, while others appeared annoyingly washed out. Call us crazy, but it shouldn’t be a hassle to get this display’s 16.7 million hues to pop.

Of course, the question is whether the decent picture is enough to save this otherwise flailing unit. Great visuals and bargain pricing might make the P244W tempting, but we found the modest colors and limited A/V ports unforgivable. Our advice? Unless the P244W is exactly what you’ve been looking for, shell out the extra dough for a display that’s fully baked and ready for the living room

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