Review: Admetior Digital Spoon Scale

Serious cooks scoff at volume measurement; it’s just too rough for exacting recipes. Pack a tablespoon of ground cumin too tightly and you can ruin a dish. Weight is the way to go. But standard kitchen scales operate in the pound/kilo realm — good for bulk ingredients like flour but hardly helpful for quantifying a dash of saffron. The Spoon Scale solves this problem with the flair of Julia Child and the gastro-nerd cred of Alton Brown. Use it to spoon out a portion of fleur de sel, and an instant reading gives its mass to the nearest tenth of a gram (300 grams max). The device comes with a 3-tablespoon scoop and a smaller 1½-tablespoon scoop (shown here) for digging into narrow spice jars. Or use one for dry goods and the other for wet ingredients like crème fraîche. If your truffle gelée fails now, you can only blame the cook, not the tools.

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