Review: Aiaiai Swirl

These headphones from Danish design firm Aiaiai have the familiar genetics of Scandinavian design. They come in various pastel colors (or flat black), all with the namesake spiral cord that, despite all logic, is hard to tangle up. The volume and play/pause controls sit on a simple three-button panel on the large-gauge cord.

Out of the box, the Swirls stumble — the soft nubs that insert into your ear are made of squishy, slippery material that feels like disposable dimestore earplugs. If you use these, the buds come out of your ears with a generous portion of earwax on-board, which can be embarrassing.

Thankfully, the Swirls come with a set of clear tips made of familiar rubber found on other headphones. I recommend using these: Once you find the right size tip, the fit and the sound is exceptional. I’d expect nothing less for $97.

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