Review: Aliph Jawbone Icon

What would you say if we told you that the best thought-out product we saw at CES this year was a Bluetooth headset? After you stopped laughing, of course.

It’s true. Aliph, which has come to dominate the high-end headset market with its Jawbone products, has a new model launching Monday, the Jawbone Icon. Between updates in the industrial and product design, and new software-based features, this is simply the best Bluetooth headset we’ve tested.

Compared to previous Jawbone models, the Icon is smaller and more comfortable. Six different finishes range from stealth to bling, letting you choose just how noticeable you want your headset. Smartly, the status light has been moved to the interior of the headset, so no more flashing signals by your ear. Seven different earbuds are included, as well as an optional ear loop — we had good luck without it.

Overall, there’s not much to quibble with about the Jawbone Icon. If you’re going to wear a Bluetooth headset (and you should in your car, at the very least), the Icon deserves a spot at the top of your roster.

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