Review: Apple Gold 3G iPhone

This bullion beauty is the most decadent iPhone add-on since the $1,000 I Am Rich app. For two Gs, you can dress your 3G in a deliciously crass case that packs more karats than Bugs Bunny’s lunch box (24 to be exact). But there’s more to it than just dipping your mobile in molten shine like broccoli in Velveeta. Custom electronics maker Computer Choppers first coats the original plastic case in copper to patch any dings, then nickel-plates it to keep the copper from leaching into the gold finish. A notch in the base for the antenna guarantees reception. Available in yellow or rose gold, chrome, copper, or platinum. Just don’t lose it!

Want to know what’s inside that gold coating? Read get-gadget’s no-nonsense review of the iPhone 3G.

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