Review: Apple iPhone 3G

[Editor’s note: We’ve spent an entire week testing every single nuance of the iPhone 3G and what follows is get-gadget‘s official, pull-no-punches, boiled-down, just-the-facts review. If you’re still hankering for a lengthier take on the phone, check out our in-depth first look, which we recorded right after getting the device.]

There’s much to love about Apple’s new burner: GPS, 3G, Exchange support and an upgraded OS with hundreds of downloadable apps. Yet the camera still stinks, there’s no cut and paste, and – because Apple didn’t make voice-dialing a priority – it’s completely unsafe to use an iPhone while driving. Then there’s the battery: If you plan to use any of those new hardware features or processor-intensive apps, expect to charge up twice a day.

But here’s how far ahead the iPhone is: Even though the hardware upgrade is a massive disappointment, the intuitive software and trademark multitouch input wins it the best-in-its-class award.

A glossy makeover, 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, and shortcuts that make Windows almost tolerable can’t undo a UI as dated as a Friendster invite.

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