Review: Apple LED Cinema Display

Apple’s new LED Cinema Display is designed specifically — nay,exclusively — with MacBook Pro owners in mind, giving them asimple way to dramatically increase their screen real estate with anextra 24 inches of incredibly gorgeous video. This 1,920 x 1,200-pixelresolution monitor includes all the trimmings you’d expect from Apple:beautiful industrial design, spare controls (there isn’t even a powerbutton), and unparalleled performance and brightness.

There’s a catch, however, and that’s that if you don’t have a MacBookPro (with its mini DisplayPort connector), you’re pretty much hosed. Asingle cable with three connectors splitting off from its terminussnakes out from the back of the LED Cinema Display: the mini DisplayPortplug, a MagSafe charger, and a USB connector. Plug them all into yourMac laptop and you’re ready for business, no additional setup required.But if you have any other type of machine, you’ll find this monitor ispretty much useless — it won’t even work with your MacBook Pro ifyou try booting into Windows via Boot Camp. Booooo!

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