Review: Apple Magic Trackpad

The Magic Trackpad is also one giant clickable button. Just like the laptop version, it performs a host of functions using swiping methods and various numbers of fingers.

That equals a workout for your fingers and wrists, which at times can be both mentally and physically taxing. But that often beats pawing at a mouse, whether it’s a two-bit USB-cord model with a track wheel or a mighty, cordless Magic Mouse. Again, if you work in front of a computer all day, anything to alleviate carpal tunnel is worth the price.

The Magic Trackpad — powered by two AA batteries — is easily customizable. It can support either right- or left-handed clicking. Two fingers swiping up and down scrolls the page. The old four-finger swipe brings up a menu of all your running applications and allows easy switching among them.

If doubling up isn’t your flavor or beyond your price range, it’s perfectly acceptable to simply single-fist it. Use a mouse and Magic Trackpad, and interchange them with your hands throughout your computer session.

For me, though, it’s worth the cash. Call it nirvana. Call it overkill or call it a menage a trois — these trackpads, coupled with a mouse, definitely liven up the computing experience. After using this setup for the last four months, my pain has subsided and I can concentrate on writing, not on the pain in my hands and wrists. I’ll raise a glass or two to that.

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