Review: Arc’teryx Veilance Blazer

Nothing is worse than heading to a board meeting in the middle of winter with a touch of frostbite. And even the burliest sport coats can’t defend against gnarly torrents of snow, sleet or bitter cold. That’s where the Arc’teryx Veilance Blazer comes in.

Layered over a sweater, with a thick scarf and the collar turned up, the gray two-button coat — made of windproof and water-resistant Goretex soft-shell fabric — provides solid protection and deep warmth down to the upper 30s, even in precipitation. Water beads up on the finish and can be easily brushed off, leaving a perfectly dry coat.Arrive at your destination, turn the collar down, and you’re ready for the office, or better yet, the cocktail bar. The Blazer is even machine-washable and goes from the dryer onto your back without needing to be ironed.

There are drawbacks. Arc’teryx, which hand-produces all of its garments in Vancouver, British Columbia, charges a premium for its outdoor lines, and Veliance is no different: The Blazer retails for eight bills. Also, because of the special fabrics and laminated lining, should you want to have the Blazer taken in, you’ll either have to find an outdoor-repair specialist or go to a tailor and accept some stitching where glued or taped seams used to be.

Still, it’s an any-setting, all-conditions piece that can go into the laundry once you’re done. You can’t do that with a standard sport coat.

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