Review: Assos Zegho Noire

“For a second, I thought Elton John was cosplaying as The Fly. Then I realized it was just you in some ugly-ass glasses.”

“Jim Merithew, European Trance DJ!”

“What are those, the newest glasses from the Cee Lo Green Performance Collection?”

These are just a few of the insults hurled in my direction by my fellow cyclists as I wore my Assos Zegho Noire sunglasses on our semi-regular ride through Marin County. I was thoroughly enjoying the comfort and clarity of my pricey shades, so I brushed off the jabs with a smirk. But when we stopped at a coffee shop in San Anselmo, I happened to catch my reflection in the window. My stomach got a little tight — I looked ridiculous, like some sort of cross between a bug and an alien.

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