Review: Asus Nova P22 Mini PC

If you like a liquid-cooled, oversized, overclocked, loud-as-a-harrier-jet, game-scorching PC tower, then ASUS’ new Nova P22 is not for you. At 9 in x 7.2 in x 2 in, it’s a little longer and wider than a Mac Mini, in an aesthetically pleasing not-square chassis. Inside: a 1.8-GHz Core 2 Duo chip, an adequate Intel GMA 3000 graphics processor, 1 GB of ram, and a 160-GB hard drive. Almost enough oomph to run Vista – but not Doom. That’s OK, though, because the Nova was designed for your living room, not your game lair. Essentially it acts as a media streamer. We grabbed a DVI to HDMI cable, jacked it into our TV, and were using the Nova to pull movies off our home network within minutes of hitting the swank, touch-sensitive power button. Gaming be damned – we’re watching leaked HD footage of Iron Man instead.

  • RAM Size: 1 GB
  • Clock Rate: 1.8 GHz
  • Hard Drive Size: 160 GB
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