Review: Aux Classic 2.1 Speaker System

Before we get started let’s just say, yes, we realize these speakers are disgustingly overpriced. But if the last round of bailouts was good enough to net you a million dollar bonus, you’ll want to convert that money into something a little less liquid — and a little more enjoyable — before Congress claws the money back. These speakers will do the trick.

The single most important factor in sound quality, by far, is your choice of speakers. If you’re looking to reignite your passion for music, do your ears a favor by picking up this Aux Classic 2.1 speaker bookshelf system. It costs way, way more than the competition (what company doesn’t make a $200 iPod speaker system these days?), but in this case you actually get what you pay for.

After weeks of evaluations, we’re happy to report that our MP3s sound better on these speakers than on any other we’ve yet tested. These compact powerhouses paint a remarkably clear sonic image, but that’s only half of the equation, the other half being their warm, lively nature — even at low or medium volumes. It’s a hard thing to put your finger on, but you’ll know it when you hear it. And if you crank these things up to eleven, they vibrate enough air to power a whole house party — we’re talking shaking booty bass here.

Of all the musical genres we tossed at the speakers, rock and roll sounded the best. From the low grind of a Rickenbacker bass guitar to the crystalline sibilance of a high hat cymbal, every note was clear, distinct and sparkling. Plus, the manufacturer’s claim that the use of a single driver (plus subwoofer) with no crossovers reduces listener fatigue rings true. Even after hours of play these speakers sounded sweet with no noticeable fade or fuzz.

Due to its versatile shape, the Aux Classic can be utilized as the ultimate computer speaker setup, a one-piece bookshelf system, or as a full-room system with the satellites spread out to each side. Our favorite setup combined the Aux Classic, an Airport Express, the Apple Remote iPhone app and iTunes — a perfect union of interface and sound quality.

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