Review: Babyliss Pro Volare Hair Dryer

While you can’t actually drive the Babyliss Pro Volare hair dryer, its 2,000-watt Ferrari-built AC V-12 engine will leave you windblown enough to look like you just did a couple of laps in a drop-top Daytona. In other words, you’ll look rich — and honestly if you’re dropping $400 on a blow dryer, you probably are.

With its brilliant red finish, multiple heat and speed settings, and use of a ball-bearing engine (a first in a hairstyling tool), the Volare is one elegant rig. The grill is made with nano-titanium, which conducts far-infrared heat better than the ceramic grills found in most other models. Geeky stylists will also tell you one of the byproducts of a hair dryer is positively charged cations, which often cause frizzy coifs. The Volare’s titanium components coupled with an internal tri-port ionic generator are designed to emit negatively charged anions and cut the frizz out.

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