Review: BlueBulb Bluetooth Light Bulb

Welcome to another exciting episode of “You’ve Got to be Kidding.” Today’s star attraction is the BlueBulb, an ordinary-looking LED light bulb whose distinguishing feature is its Bluetooth connectivity.

Screw the bulb into any standard lamp socket, turn it on, and an array of 6- and 9-watt LEDs will produce a soft white glow. Nothing special really. But pair the BlueBulb with any Bluetooth 4.0 Apple device (Android compatibility is coming soon) and download an app, and it transforms into an electric rainbow capable of spitting out a million colors.

After $20,000 in quickly crowd-sourced funding at fundanything the Bluetooth-controlled light bulb has the (possibly dubious) distinction of being the first of its kind. (There are, comparably, numerous more versatile LED bulbs out there that use Wi-Fi and Internet IP connectivity.) Of course, one of Bluetooth’s core strengths is its gentle battery demands. The trade-off is the 30-foot transmission distance. For cellphones and portable speakers, the wireless protocol is a perfect marriage. For a light bulb? Eh, there might be grounds for a divorce.

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