Review: BluePrint Cleanse Diet

Bonus: As you can imagine, when you’re not eating food, juice moves through your system quickly. Very quickly. With ruthless vigor. Some extremely strange things come out of your body during your most private moments. Maybe that’s why they call it a cleanse.

The whole point of this torture is to reset your system, and to educate you about your relationship with food. It teaches you that what, when and how much you eat affects your energy level and mood in very big ways. After moving back to the juice/dinner hybrid on the final two days, I noticed the familiar lulls were gone. Those patterns of highs and lows — dictated by things like the morning coffee, the burrito lunch, the post-gym Odwalla and the wine-soaked dinner — weren’t there. It was smooth sailing all day. Hunger ceased to be an issue. I was sleeping like a baby, and I was alert right when I woke up. I was able to achieve very deep focus while writing, and I was more productive. I lost about five pounds.

Which is not to say we were sad to rejoin life among the normals, but our return was measured. My first day back, I ate very well, abstaining from sugar and processed foods, and keeping the servings small. I’m about five days beyond my last juice now, and I’m still eating more healthily than I did pre-cleanse. And I’ll continue to do so until I find that mythical chilaquiles pizza.

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