Review: Brammo Enertia Limited Edition

The electric vehicle is a cool idea too often poorly executed. Today’s batteries don’t have the oomph or range to be practical — unless you drop 100 grand for a Tesla. That’s why Brammo’s gearheads started with motorcycles. They’re so light that even readily available batteries can make one commute-worthy. The 285-pound Enertia is proof of that. At its heart is a lithium-iron-phosphate power cell designed to be as safe as it is efficient. “A plasma fire is not something we want to see,” company founder Craig Bramscher says. The Enertia charges in just over three hours and is good for 45 miles. The 13-kW motor silently propels the electro-cycle to 30 mph in 3.8 seconds — quick enough to beat that cab away from the light — and to a top speed of 53 mph. Brammo hasn’t created a highway-ready monster (yet), but Bramscher takes heart in what his creation can do: The electric motor’s instantaneous torque is perfect for wheelies.

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