Review: Brooks Trance 8

Sure, we all want to leave our footprint on this planet — but not the kind with carbon all over it. All it takes is the right shoe. With a moisture-wicking mesh upper, fluid cushioning in the heel and forefoot, and an outsole that stabilizes from heel to toe, the Trance 8 is one of the most sophisticated running shoes out there. But it’s what happens in the afterlife that wins our praise. When these kicks hit a moist, low-oxygen, microbially-rich environment — like a landfill — the polymer-based BioMoGo midsole starts to break down, decomposing completely in about 20 years rather than the millennium it takes a traditional pair. It’s the first time we can remember being excited about a rotten sneaker. We just hope our funky gym bag doesn’t trigger a preemptive meltdown.

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