Review: Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200

Six hundred stones buys you quite a lot of digital gratification these days: a fairly well-equipped laptop, just about any smartphone, or the latest Apple iPad packed with 32GB of storage. So if you’re going to pay $600 for a gadget, it had better be worth it.

With the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200, the cost does not translate to exceptional features you can’t find elsewhere. In the end, you are paying for 200 watts of power, an unusually large 6.25-inch subwoofer, and the bone-crunching bass that will send the Neighborhood Watch team gunning for you. The bass booms, but the overall sound quality doesn’t measure up — especially when you consider the price and what you can get from competing speakers.

The Minx Air 200 comes in white or black. Side-by-side, the white Minx Air 200 looks remarkably similar to the $400 Sonos Play:5. In addition to the Minx’s massive sub, which is cleverly molded around the rear handle, there are two 2.25-inch speakers. The speaker measures about 18 by 9 inches (45.8 by 22.9cm) — much taller than the $400 Klipsch KMC 3 and a towering monolith next to the $300 Sony BTX-500.

Surprisingly, this speaker doesn’t offer much freedom of movement — at least not where’s no AC power. The Minx has to be plugged into a wall outlet. (However, you can configure the speaker to power down automatically after a set period.) At 11.2 pounds, you probably wouldn’t want to haul it around anyway.

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