Review: Chrome Soyuz Backpack

The new Chrome Soyuz, which becomes widely available for the first time this week, is an ambitious (if slightly crazed) re-imagining of the urban commuter backpack. It’s a weird hybrid of a river-rafting drybag and laptop case, all contained within a stylish wedge of black and red nylon. We’ve never seen anything quite like it, and well, we love the thing.

The innermost part of the Soyuz — the part closest to your back — is a narrow but deep rolltop compartment that’s been waterproofed on the inside with a coating of gray urethane. Empty, it collapses down to virtually nothing. Full, it expands enough to easily swallow your gym clothes, a pair of running shoes, a small towel and a windbreaker. It can also swallow your arm up to the elbow, an experience that probably feels a bit like reaching down the gullet of a basking shark.

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