Review: ColorRight Color Balance Tool

One of the biggest complaints from photographers of every hardware allegiance is the color balance of their images. Skin tones are the biggest bugaboo because there are nearly seven billion variations — and for some odd reason — people get very fussy about how their pigment happens to look in print. 

Tired of the nerve-fraying whine of “it’s too red, too blue or too green,” pro photographer Drew Strickland retreated to his Georgia tool shed and sometime later emerged with the ColorRight tool, a quick and easy way to get spot-on color balance better than 95 percent of the time. Just hold this 82mm filter in front of your lens, focus and shoot. Afterwards move your thumb directly to the custom white-balance tab in your camera’s menu, set it using the frame you just shot and then forget about spending hours of post-production adjusting and matching color on your shots. Results in the field are fantastic; we had no issue with balancing various hues up perfectly.  And though it may sound a bit complicated to work through, it’s not — once you nail the process it takes mere seconds to dial the right color balance. That’s right, seconds. Just so you can get back to important stuff, you know, like snapping pictures.

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