Review: DirecTV Genie HD DVR

I have an ongoing love affair with the show Person of Interest. I’m an obsessive techie like the main character, and I also enjoy watching Jim Caviezel resurrect his career by maiming hapless bad guys. The CBS drama has plot twists, a strong cyberespionage angle, and plenty of clunky webcam feeds. I also believe the U.S. government really does have a super-secret surveillance program.

Unfortunately, unless I’m sitting on my sofa on Thursday nights, the live airing is easy to miss. Worse, the show is not available on iTunes or the Xbox 360. Recently I decided to test out the new DirecTV Genie set-top box, which is like going back in time to the heyday of the TiVo, to see if I could record more shows, find better TV entertainment, and place-shift on my own terms. My main goal: find shows like Person of Interest that match my particular sensibilities.