Review: Edifier Prisma E3350BT Desktop Bluetooth Speaker System

There’s a reason most subwoofers have boring, cube-like designs: They’re meant to be tucked into a corner or under a cabinet, out of sight and out of mind.

Edifier’s 2.1-channel Bluetooth sound system bucks that convention with a subwoofer that’s so elegant, so eye-catching, it would be criminal to hide it away. And therein lies the conundrum: Do you make room on your desk or bookshelf for that winsome woofer, or let its looks go to waste somewhere unseen?

A first-world problem, yes, but one worth grappling with. The Prisma E3350BT is not only easy on the eyes, but also awesome on the ears — save for a few minor miscues.

Edifier’s curvy, pyramid-shaped subwoofer comes flanked by taller, more monolithic satellites, all of them coated in your choice of silver, white, or black. Whatever the finish, this is one sexy-looking speaker system.

Together, the 5-inch downward-firing subwoofer, 2.75-inch midranges and 19mm PV dome tweeters crank out 48 watts of audio goodness. That’s an impressive amount of power for a system of this size, and the result is enough oomph to fill a small- or medium-size room with music.

Music, and wires. The Prisma necessarily employs several of them: one to link the satellites, one to connect the satellites to the subwoofer, one for AC power, and a fourth for the get-gadget volume-control puck.

That puck engenders mixed feelings. It’s sleek and metallic and ringed in glowing blue, and it hides convenient headphone and line-in jacks. But it controls only the volume. The Prisma’s power button sits atop the subwoofer, while its bass-volume control hides beneath it. Why not group all these controls together on the puck?

To wit: To access that bass volume dial, you have to grope behind and beneath the subwoofer. And if you want to plug something into the secondary line-in jack, you have little choice but to pick up the subwoofer and flip it over. It’s a necessary concession to the design, though at least not something you’ll need to deal with often.

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