Review: Electrolux INTENSITY VACUUM

Seventy-six percent of Americans say that convenient storage is a vacuum’s most important design feature. Personally, I’d rather have a vacuum the size of a Zamboni than a collapsible standard Hoover if it meant each fiber on my carpet was spotless. Alas, my meager studio apartment won’t fit something that size. Thankfully, a vacuum like the Electrolux Intensity exists. This sucker takes up very little real estate in a closet but has crazy intense suction power: Don’t get your eyeballs too close. Despite some design flaws – a dust bag the size of a pre-schooler’s bladder, a feeble handle, stiff wheels, and ungainly maneuverability – it does a helluva job cleaning anything it touches. I used it to decontaminate my apartment from floor to ceiling in the space of a single afternoon. Let’s see a Zamboni do that!

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