Review: Feathercraft K-Light

Weighing in at 34 pounds, the 12-foot 10-inch, K-Light is a perfect day-tripper: long enough to handle well, but not big enough to hold much gear. A small boat with a low profile, it fits close enough around the hips to be responsive and agile, but not so close it’s uncomfortable. Cargo hold easily swallows a sleeping bag and a tent, but leave the camp chairs at home.

get-gadget: Hull strips protect the bottom of the boat from abrasion. Because it’s assembled through the cockpit, there’s no leaking through the exposed zippers. Nice padded straps on the boat-toting backpack team up with supportive hip-belt for easy urban portage.

TIRED: Foot pegs push against your heels and not the balls of your feet, so you don’t have a lot of support when the waves get big.

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