Review: GenevaLab Sound System Model S

If looks could kill, Geneva’s latest sound dock would be on trial for murder in the first.

Between the lacquered finish, mod design lines and luscious aluminum stand, the tabletop dock-clock is certainly the best-looking “accessory” we’ve ever coaxed into the bedroom.

Called the S model (S is for small), the minimalist device also features an integrated backlit display that turns on when you touch the dock. It’s certainly not the banging-est system on the planet; a $500 home theater in a box will better serve to rock your casbah. But for what’s essentially a 6×9-inch boombox with two 3-inch speakers, the better-than-average clarity, dynamic range and reasonable presence make Geneva’s tiniest system a tempting buy, especially since it outperformed the pricier Yamaha TSX-130 combo dock we tested a few months back.

If you’re serious space saver who cares about aesthetics, then purchasing an S dock is actually a pretty sound decision.

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