Review: Gibson Dusk Tiger Guitar

Let’s face it, Gibson’s Dusk Tiger looks like the guitar you would play while lounging around in silk pajamas, on a rotating circle bed, while looking at yourself in your giant ceiling mirror. And like your rotating bed, the guitar’s automation is pretty extravagant. But if you can get past the Ron Burgundy-esque name and aesthetic, there’s a lot to love about this robotic ax.

First, the most crowd-pleasing of the Dusk Tiger’s bag of tricks is its automatic tuning. No need for a tuner. You don’t even have to touch the tuning knobs. Just pull on the Master Control Knob (MCK), set the tuning you want (standard, open E, drop D, etc.), and strum the strings. The robotic tuning machines jump into action, whirring and spinning as they tighten or loosen the strings to your specifications. You can also monitor each string’s progress on the MCK’s display: Each string turns from red to yellow to green as they tune. No more awkward stage banter as you fiddle with your tuning pedal between songs at a gig.

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