Review: Rack

The ultimate purpose of the Gadget Lab is to rock (*ahem* RAWK) but every few days we must lay down our cherry axes and feed upon the great horn of plenty that is the get-gadget kitchen. How else can we power our blistering fast changes, infectious hooks, and deep lyrics? Though tradition mandates that the intern carry all equipment after a gig, a high turnover rate in the Lab begs for a solution that frees that intern up to do important things like putting out electrical fires set by certain editors (like Joe) and bailing other editors (like Danny) out of jail. Measuring in at 36 inches wide and 6 inches tall, the Pro-File Display Rack will hold up to four guitars sans whining. And you can mount it to the wall with no messy cleanup! The handcrafted hardwood is sturdy and also quite purdy, guaranteed to look great in your living room or hedonistic inner sanctum.

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