Review: H20 Audio Flex

In addition to the Surge Contacts, H2O Audio also makes these cheaper earphones. The Flex buds are waterproof up to three feet, and they’re super lightweight and buoyant.

At 3.9 feet, the cord somehow feels short. But not having the extra length was a pleasure when I took them out for a nightly jog. And because they’re so light, there was little to no tugging on my ears as I bounced along.

While these guys might be great at athletic pursuits, their sound performance is lacking. The highs are tinny, and the rest of the sound feels flat and dull. I found myself begging for more bass on most hip-hop tracks (poor Slim Shady). The mids are adequate, but nothing better than what you would get with a set of freebies or $5 airline headphones. I also experienced poor sound at higher volumes.

I understand the need for all of the components to be waterproof, but the rubbery cord was noticeably noisy against my clothing. The cabling also has a tendency to adhere to competing surfaces. However, I “accidentally” dropped these headphones in my morning coffee and they didn’t flinch. And although a head dunk in the San Francisco Bay was face-numbing, the music kept on playing.

For those who need waterproof buds, these are a more affordable option. But that’s the only thing special about them. Also, don’t forget to waterproof your music source. iPods don’t fare well in swimming pools. Trust me.

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