Review: H2O Audio Surge Contact

Like other products from H2O Audio, these Surge Contact earbuds are waterproof. Yes, even the microphone — perfect for when you just have to take that call before exiting the pool.

Seriously though, these buds are remarkable and more than just a gimmick. Even if they weren’t waterproof, they’d still be a good buy.

The sound is well-represented across all the audio frequencies, and they sound especially good for $70. Audiophiles won’t be totally knocked out, but they’re worth picking up for the gym or for running in the rain. Workouts are infinitely better with some nice, loud jams, and I was happily surprised at the clarity when “Thunderstruck” came on.

Despite the high price, waterproof casing for the sound source is not included. Most of those will be $50 and up, which makes for a spendy introduction into the world of aquatic-friendly audio. Still, it’s hard to swim in silence once you’ve done a ten laps of the butterfly to Nevermind.

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