Review: Invoxia Audioffice

On looks alone, you could easily mistake the Invoxia’s Audioffice for an Apple product. The smooth, white and aluminum contours of the conference room speakerphone/audio dock all but match the sleek lines of the iPhone 5s, which is its intended partner. But I doubt Apple would market a so-so product like the Audioffice.

What distinguishes Invoxia’s offering from other Bluetooth speakers is its addition of a landline-style handset and a charging/syncing dock for either the iPhone 5s or any iPad. The Audioffice is intended for home-office or conference-room use. But unless your cell phone service never drops out — in which case I’m switching to your carrier! — I question the wisdom of relying solely on a wireless voice connection for business conversations.

Thanks to its larger speakers, the Audioffice’s speakerphone easily bested the iPhone’s own speakerphone. But it was just the reverse on outgoing calls, during which I was told the sound was not as clear as it was speaking directly into the iPhone. The tide turned once again when I tested the Audioffice’s built-in handset, which added some definition to callers’ voices, particularly in the midrange and bass, when compared to the iPhone sound. Callers also reported they could hear us better over the Audioffice handset. But because the handset relies on a sensor instead of a hardware switch, hanging it up did not always end the call. The handset is mounted on a triangular block that uses magnets to adhere to the top of the base, which also seemed to prevent calls from disconnecting.

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