Review: JAYS V-Jays Headphones

Light weight and heavy bass combine to make the V-Jays Heavy Bass Speaker Headphones comfortable, portable and ear-tickling, well-suited to rocking out at your desk or on your commute.

Weighing just a shade above 2 ounces, the V-Jays don’t have any substantial padding, noise cancellation or noise suppression. Instead, there are just simple black foam pads surrounding the two 1.5-inch square speakers. The headband is a minimal matte-black plastic. A glossy section alongside each of the speakers folds in so the headbands can tuck a little more neatly into a bag. They’re not exactly ultracompact, but they’re portable.

The sound delivered by the V-Jays is solid, with good bass, excellent left-right separation providing a good sense of space, and plenty of clarity in the low and mid ranges. They’re a little muddy on the higher frequencies though. Officially their frequency response is 25 Hz to 20 KHz, with impedance of 24 ohms at 1 KHz. And because of their non-enclosed design, the V-Jays do let in sounds from the outside world. That’s probably a good thing for the office (you can hear when the boss yells at you), but not so good on the bus (you can hear when the homeless guy yells at you).

V-Jays come with an extra-short cord that’s only good for vest-pocket MP3 players, plus a longer, 27.5-inch extension cord for your desk. Both terminate in 3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini-plugs, and are compatible with iPhones.

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