Review: Jetboil Helios

Hell hath no fury like a hiker holding an extinguished match. Though it didn’t catch immediately every time, the Helios’ self-ignition was a real sanity saver — especially in windy conditions. Beyond this butane beauty’s built-in 2-liter pot and irresistibly convenient clip-on crockery, the JetBoil’s FluxRing design is a gem: A 1.5-inch halo of zigzags on the pot’s business end interlocks with the stove to create a nearly slip-proof culinary tool. Because it’s intended to travel inside a rather large pot, however, this co-dependent stove doesn’t fold up. Anyone who packs the stove separately might find the footprint (almost 7 inches) as cumbersome as the unwieldy snap-on windscreen. Oh, and the windscreen is plastic — not exactly flameproof.

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