Review: Just Mobile Xtand Pro

Let’s face it: Macintosh users are a fussy, annoying lot. We constantly swing between overbearing smugness about our platform of choice and a puzzled frustration when someone doesn’t see the benefits of our iEcosystem. One thing that we’re particularly fussy about is Apple’s exceptional industrial design.

So when we plop a $2,000 MacBook Pro down on a run-of-the-mill laptop stand, it feels like throwing a Picasso into a frame from Walgreens.

Thankfully, there’s the Just Mobile stand, which gives our arty computers a suitably stylish home.

The stand’s made out of solid aluminum, which mimics the construction of Apple’s MacBook line. There are also two different pedestal heights included; a one-inch version lifts your machine just a tiny bit off your desk while a 4.5-inch model levitates the display to a more-ergonomic viewing height. The screw holding the column to the top and base never twisted as tight as we’d like it to, but it holds steady and gets the job done.

The Just Mobile stand doesn’t come cheap: For its eighty dollar price tag, you could buy a couple of perfectly adequate stands from Griffin or Logitech. But hey, you’re a Mac guy, right? You’re used to paying a premium for your style.

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