Review: JVC GZ-HD40

JVC’s upgrade to a bigger CMOS sensor and the switch to AVCHD havereaped big dividends for the HD40 and its massive (and heavy) 120GBhard drive. Video quality has greatly improved from previous JVC modelsand the dual compression option, which includes MPEG-2 TS and MPEG-4,gives you a choice between video quality and more content per gigabyte.The HD40 is almost ceryainly geared slightly more toward experiencedshooters who want more control over their settings. Making video inautomatic mode delivered an occasional rollercoaster ride with autofocus lagging and white balance showing inconsistencies. JVC includes afew effective semi-auto function buttons like the Spot Exposure Controlwhich provides more accurate reading of the setting; and BacklightCompensation which opens up the exposure when there’s bright lightbehind your subject.

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