Review: K2 Panoramic Splitboard Kit

If the park runs at the local resort are too wimpy for your taste, your next best option as a snowboarder is to snowshoe up your favorite peak with a board on your back.

As a committed one-planker, I spent my winters happily trudging my way up Mt. Shasta with a board strapped into my fancy and expensive backcountry backpack. Happily, that is, until the moment a pack of skiers would glide past me on their way up the mountain, sliding along on their skis — then zipping down the mountain minutes later while I was still only halfway up.

I used to say that the only problem with skiing up mountains was that you had to ski back down them. Luckily, with the rise of splitboards — snowboards made of two long halves that unfasten from each other form a pair of skis — that’s not the case anymore.

K2’s Panoramic Splitboard kit is one such piece of hardware. It makes it possible to ski to your summit, then snowboard back down.

The kit includes the board, custom-made skins, and the Voile attachment split system, a set of discs, clips, and mounting plates that let you switch the bindings from a ski to snowboarding setup with ease. Basically, the plates mount to the bottom of any snowboard bindings and allow them to attach to the kit in snowboard format or to line up with the board halves with the pull of a mounting pin.

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