Review: Kerchoonz K-Box Speaker

The K-Box is a tiny portable gizmo that purportedly amplifies sound from a laptop or MP3 player by channeling audio into the surface it rests upon. In theory, this thing is darn cool. In theory, snake oil is worth every penny. Wait, no it’s not and neither is the K-Box! The inside of the K-Box features a tiny speaker that handles the mids and highs; outside the box, a gummy rubber bottom supposedly transfers the bass into the flat surface below the unit. Place your K-Box onto your desk, nightstand or even a wall (the bottom is sticky enough to adhere to stucco), and Kerchoonz’s Gel Audio Technology converts the surface into a so-called giant audio speaker. Sounds cool, until you actually hear the audio quality this contraption musters. The anemic speaker on an iPhone is infinitely better. Really. On the plus side, the company claims a battery life of 20 hours. But why you’d sit through more than 20 seconds of audio this crappy is totally beyond us.

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