Review: Klean Kanteen 27-Ounce

For style as well as substance, the Klean Kanteen gets top marks in our gear test. The sleek, shiny stainless steel bottle comes in a variety of colors, and the paint was barely scratched by our most rigorous drop tests. We were able to pour boiling hot water into its medium-sized mouth with nary a spill but sipping high quality H2O from it while hiking didn’t splash water all over our face. It showed no cracks after freezing and survived being dropped from a two-story building with only a few dents. And it’s the toughest we tested too: after repeatedly running it over with a VW Beetle failed to phase it, we ended up taping it to the tire to ensure its destruction. Mission: failed. The Kanteen only ended up becoming moderately crushed but still useable.

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