Review: Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera

It took a few college tries, but Kodak’s line of pocket handicams now officially blows Pure Digital’s wildly popular Flip series out of the water. Inside and out, the Zi8 is brimming with upgrades (1080p) and little touches (a legit microphone jack!) that set a new standard for this class of cheap cams.

Significantly sexier, with a slimmer body than previous Kodak cams, the Zi8 comes with a re-tooled USB connector that’s easier to use and harder to unleash unintentionally. Instead of a rigid plug that flips out switchblade-style via a button on the front, the Zi8’s USB is deployed by a subtle lever integrated into the bottom of the device. Even cooler, the connector is an agile rubber cord, which allows you to plug in the camera without removing drives from other ports on your computer.

There’s much to love and little to gripe about. And we just don’t get to say that very often.

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