Review: Lasonic X Famous i931

This ghetto-fabulous boombox featuring a “Famous Stars and Straps” pattern designed by former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker sure is eye-catching, and its ability to play music from iPods, SD/MMC cards, microphones, USB sticks and line-level sources hits us right in the feature set sweet spot. But with an interface that somehow renders the user-friendly iPod nearly un-navigable and a chintzy plastic construction, it’s best suited for one activity: belting out rhymes over backing tracks stored in one of the above-mentioned formats. See, this thing has a quarter-inch input that works with a standard stage mic. A gain control knob mixes vocals above or below the music, while an echo knob adds various intensities of delay to your voice. We would not recommend this 2 x 12 Watt monster for regular music listening since it can be so frustrating to use. But if you know exactly what you would do with a microphone enabled iPod boombox, Lasonic X Famous i931 will get the job done in style – even if your name isn’t Radio Raheem.k

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