Review: LeMond Fitness Revolution

The trainer employs something LeMond Fitness calls High-Inertia Technology (HIT), which closely mimics the feel of being on the road. I have to give the company props for getting the “road feel” closer to the real thing than any other trainer I’ve ever ridden. Unlike most magnetic trainers, there’s a pleasing simulation of coasting as the flywheel keeps rotating when you ease up on the pedals. This also allows you to vary your cadence, and thus mimic at-speed sprints or do repeated spin-ups.

The interface between bike and trainer is solid, and it breeds confidence for whatever punishment you might have planned for your workout. I could stand and sprint. I could sit and spin. I could shift up to the big ring and hammer. And with the flywheel, the process was easier on my knees than a spin cycle or a magnetic trainer. Throughout my whole workout, I kept thinking how nice it was to be on my own bicycle as opposed to a piece of gym equipment. And I love the fact I’m not wearing through my rear tire, as I would on a magnetic trainer.

Some of you may still prefer spinning out your legs and working on your bicycle handling skills on a set of rollers, or attending the occasional spin class for the motivation and camaraderie in these cold, dark days of winter. Having already spent too many hours in November and December in spin class, it was a nice change. Here in California, our winters are mild enough for me to hit the road most days, but for those of you stuck in the snow, this trainer is a real revelation.

LeMond’s company is also working on something called the Power Pilot Meter which attaches to the Revolution trainer and measures all the important stuff like speed, distance, heart rate, watts, calories burned, and pedal cadence. LeMond Fitness’ vice president of sales Bernie Boglioli tells the highly-anticipated companion gadget has finally passed muster after a grueling testing phase and is shipping at the end of this month. The meter wasn’t available for us to test, unfortunately. In the meantime, we will be hanging onto our LeMond for a few more revolutions.

Photo: Adam Schwarcz from Pacific Bicycle (Jon Snyder/)

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