Review: LG enV2

Where to begin? Apparently some folks liked the first enV-nothing wrong with that. Hideous, but comfortable to hold, the handset featured a spacious keyboard, and a slew of nifty features packed inside. The enV2 is apparently the end result of spilling coffee on a stack of consumer satisfaction surveys. It’s a lighter, slimmer package, but a botched facelift leaves it with all the style of that TI-36 you ditched back in high school. Easy to dial, but with the half-inch tall screen on the front, the enV2 isn’t really good for much else. Thankfully once you open it up there’s the full QWERTY keyboard-not as wide at the original, but the keys are evenly spaced so it’s still great for messaging. There’s a 2 megapixel camera, but even if you have figured out how to comfortably hold an altoid-can-clamshell without blocking the much smaller lens with your fingers, pics and video turn out pretty grainy. Where to end? Do yourself a favor, if confronted with the choice of purchasing an enV2 think long and hard about it. After all, you’re stuck with this device for two years.

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