Review: LG G2

If you are the one person in the world who enjoys pop-up messages, the G2 is your dream phone. The first few days you use the G2, you will be greeted at every turn by pop-up tips that tell you how to do basic things like rearrange apps, surf the web, and add contacts. Occasionally, you’ll get helpful advice about how to use the phone’s unique features, but those tips are best left to the tutorials that launch when you actually use these features.

The G2’s biggest flaw isn’t its back-facing button array, its better-in-theory add-ons, or its annoying pop-ups. It’s the simple fact that the space bar on the phone’s default keyboard is too damn close to its home button when you’re typing in portrait mode. Instead of putting a space between words, something that has occurred 17 times in this sentence so far, the phone jumps to its home screen. It’s not an issue in landscape mode, but the first thing you’ll want to do is replace the default LG keyboard with Google Keyboard, SwiftKey, or Swype.

When you tally it all up, the LG G2 does enough things extremely well that its drawbacks seem, if not trivial, then at least manageable. Yes, it’s annoying that most of those drawbacks are self-imposed and completely avoidable. But it’s kind of like a perfectly cooked steak with a big dollop of hummus plopped on top of it, served with a spoon. The hummus and the spoon don’t ruin the meal, but they do make you want to taste the steak without them.

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