Review: LG KE990 Viewty

Despite its whimsical name, this dainty 112-gram shooter is infused with some pretty serious stuff. A frontside scroll wheel handles not only menu navigation and volume control, but also serves as a decent manual focus for the 5-megapixel, Schneider-Kreuznach optic sporting camera. Hands down, this one of the best image-capturing devices we’ve seen on a handset. Even the image stabilizer is aces, compensating for slightest hand jitters. And the option to shoot vid clips up to 120fps and also primed for DivX (and YouTube) is a nice touch. But looks and touches can be deceiving. The KE990’s shutter may not lag, but the 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen sure does. After several recalibrations — and even with the help of the Viewty’s stylus — the feedback was still noticeably craptic.

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