Review: Liquipel Device Waterproofing

Sploosh! According to a recent online survey, nearly one in five people have dropped a smartphone in the toilet. But there’s good news: A surface treatment from a California startup called Liquipel could protect your Droid against accidental dunkings. Just ship your device to the company’s Santa Ana HQ. Liquipel will place it in a vacuum chamber, which is then filled with a proprietary vapor that settles into every nook and cranny to create a superhydrophobic coating just a few molecules thick. We sent in an HTC Nexus One and a Motorola Talkabout walkie-talkie for treatment. Amazingly, both survived repeated dunks in a sink—not splashes but full immersions—before finally giving up the ghost in a hot tub.

$59 and up | Liquipel

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